unresolved grief

Before we dive into what unresolved grief is, it’s first important to understand what grief itself is.

Webster’s Dictionary defines grief as deep and poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement…an unfortunate disaster.

Grief may be best defined by a griever as the feeling of reaching out for someone who always used to be there, only to discover when you need them one more time, they are not there.

What it is…

The Grief Recovery Institute defines grief as the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. It is also the result of undelivered emotional communication. So, anything uncommunicated (in any relationship) has the potential to cause grief, whether it was the death of a child, spouse, parent, sibling, loss of relationship, divorce, etc…all the things not communicated that you wish would’ve been different, better, or more and all the hopes, dreams, and expectations that will never be realized. This is what becomes unresolved grief.

Grief is a heart problem, not a head problem and in all the ways we’re taught to deal with grief, it’s always been intellectualized. You simply can’t heal the heart with the head. You have to dig deep into the heart – to heal the heart.

So, the next time you catch yourself thinking about a loved one who has died, a relationship in the past that soured, or currently have a challenging relationship in your life with someone you less than love – consider, for just a moment, you may be experiencing unresolved grief.

What do you do about it? Well, that’s up to you. But, I know of a program that can help. I happen to be a facilitator of such a program. <3 Contact for details if you’re in my area or follow the P.S. instructions below. ūüôā

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