victoria volk

Thoughts on Guesting

Hey there, I’m Victoria!

I absolutely LOVE sharing my perspective, lessons, and expertise on grief. I’m passionate about changing the conversation around grief because education is prevention. And, when it comes to grief, we are a poorly educated society.

I enjoy speaking on other topics, too, as they pertain to grief:

💛 Energy (I’m an Usui & Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master)

💛 Entrepreneurship (13+ years experience)

💛 Veterans (NDARNG Medic served in Iraq OIFII)

💛 End-of-Life (as a trained End-of-Life Doula)

💛 Career/Purpose (as a Cert. YouMap® Coach) 

If you’re interested in having me as a guest, please reach out via email to [email protected].

Would you like to be a guest on Grieving Voices?

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