It is my passion to help hurting hearts

It’s not enough to say we want change
we have to become it.


In carving my way through to the acceptance and peace I once only dreamed of, I’ve learned, and I share with you the truest truths: Every grieving heart leashed by emotional burdens, pain, and suffering wants to feel better. Every hurting heart longs to live & love unleashed.

Speaking about grief is healing for me. And it is a step toward fulfilling my dream that we, as a society, may one day talk about grief like we talk about the weather. However, grief isn’t the only topic I can speak about.



Topics I Enjoy Speaking About:

  • Living Your Strengths & Values (I’m a Cert. YouMap® Coach, and to learn more, click HERE) – Discuss the types of strengths (people-facing vs. inward-facing). Discuss the importance of values, how we dishonor our own values, and the role of boundaries in living out our values. And grief that comes with not aligning our lives with these two things can cause us grief.


  • The Hidden Power of Grief – What grief is, the six myths, STERBs (short-term energy relieving behaviors), and how awareness and introspection of its role in our lives can be the fuel and catapult for lasting change and continued growth. Learn about various Grief Programs HERE.


  • Learning & Understanding Your Energy Type – Address the four energy types. Learn what drains and nurtures each energy type and provide practical tips. I bring what I’ve learned about my energy as an empath, Reiki Master, and Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner. Learn more about the energy work I do HERE.


  • End-of-Life – Until a few years ago, I didn’t understand what it meant to have a “good death.” I didn’t even know it was possible; to create an end-of-life passage on your own terms. I share my knowledge as a trained End-of-Life Doula and my experience with losing my father to a terminal illness as a child. Having also worked as a home health and long-term care facility certified nursing assistant, I’ve seen my share of individuals make their great exit from the physical plane. Death, although final and can be traumatic, learning what’s possible at end-of-life is empowering. Furthermore, it can aid in the healing of loved ones left behind.



Ways I can support you or your organization through speaking in person or virtually:

  • Podcast Guesting
  • Schools (Child Grief)
  • Author Events
  • Organizational/Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Group Workshops
  • Company-Wide Education
  • Retreats
  • Online Summit/Workshop/Convention
  • Community Event
  • Church/Faith Group

I am open to other ways of sharing grief education as well.  Please contact me to inquire.

Additionally, talking points and topics can be catered to your audience as well.

I believe in

special gifts

We all have something unique, significant, and important to share and give to the world. My gift is empathy; I share it through my writing, work with clients, speaking, and how I show up in the world. Empathy is a driving force in my life and is an aspect of everything I do.It’s also a great joy of mine to assist others in uncovering their unique gifts, too. 


Knowledge is not power. Rather, applied knowledge is power. Learning new things is great, but if we don’t apply it to our lives or integrate it, what good is it? Applying knowledge, new tools, etc., is the work of someone who continues to grow and evolve. 


We are all connected; a piece of someone else’s puzzle that creates ripples beyond our comprehension. Through writing and speaking, I help others see themselves more clearly. We are all here to teach one another, and there’s always more to learn from those around us. There isn’t one person who has it all figured out. Connection raises all spirits.


Allowing yourself to feel something new, embrace guided perspective, and experience meaningful shifts is liberating.

Sometimes, all it takes to make a different choice is to gain new perspective. 


ways I offer support

the unleashed letters
Insight and inspiration, you’ll feel supported as you open each emailed letter and find inside learning opportunities, growth, and healing.
the guided heart
Let my personal story, helpful resources, and commitment to moving through grief into peace help you to do the same.
Whether you’re ready to dig deep into you’re grief or not, there are various offerings for you to begin to heal – even in the smallest of ways.

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