Heart & Soul Connection Session


The purpose of the Heart & Soul Connection Session is to help you connect with, you guessed it, your heart and soul. At the end of this session, it is my goal that you feel relaxed, but also experience intuitive guidance from within, as well as healing. This guided healing experience is just under 30 minutes. The great thing about this session is is it’s broken down into three different parts. After going through the experience one time, you can then choose which part(s) appeal to you that day based on what you’re needing, or you can go through the whole experience, again and again, any time you are feeling like you need an emotional, energetic reset.

With the hustle and bustle of life, obligations, and responsibilities, it becomes too easy to live our lives on autopilot and in reaction mode. By taking this window of time for yourself, you are pushing pause, and stepping on the break long enough to connect within.  YOUR HEART & SOUL ARE WORTH IT! And seriously, it’s $6, the cost of a yummy coffee, but unlike a yummy coffee, you have it for the rest of your life! 💛

If you’d like to give this as a gift to someone? Please purchase a gift certificate in the amount of $6! Easy-peasy! 😊

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heart and soul connection


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