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a book i wrote for you, fellow hurting hearts
The guided heart: moving through grief and finding spiritual solace

when it feels like no one else understands what you’re feeling inside.

When it feels like you’re all alone with your grief.

When you want nothing more than to wake up one of these days and actually feel something, anything better than turmoil and angst.
When you’ve brought your broken heart to your family, friends, partner—or, when, maybe you haven’t said much to anyone because you feel like you’re grieving too long, too much, too hard.

And, besides, they wouldn’t understand anyway.

Maybe you’ve never really, truthfully, sought out and faced down the reason(s) behind your ongoing grief because your grief story is complicated and not straightforward—or maybe your very clear, painful reason for grieving is still stealing your breath and affecting your everyday life this very moment

When you’re ready … to try … to feel better.


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