It’s not therapy or life-coaching – living unleashed™ is:

a chosen journey for hurting hearts

Maybe you’re tired of talking about your pain with people who don’t understand. Maybe you’ve never said a word out loud about your grief and suffering.

Maybe your grief is sudden and new, or maybe it’s something that’s haunted you for too long. Perhaps you can pinpoint exactly what’s hurting. (Or maybe you’ve never been able to truly identify your source of pain, but you know you want it to stop.) You want to feel alive and hopeful. You long for relief and you want deeply to feel better, but you don’t know how.

 I see you, I hear you, I’ve been you. As a trauma survivor and grief writer, I’ve spent decades researching grief and the anguish it creates in your life and heart. I’ve also unlocked gentle-yet-powerful ways to move through it. Living Unleashed™ is how I share the relief you seek, and the resources you’ll need to get there.

Living Unleashed™ is an intentional pathway created to help you move from where you’re at today to acceptance of what was, a sense of control to deal with what is, and prepare you for the unknowns of what is to come. 

Feeling better is the end game. How you get there (with my guidance) is through internal shifts, a new-found perspective, and much self-reflection.

Living Unleashedis a guided, personal journey that includes multiple, monthly gifts given to you precisely when & where you’ll need them along your healing journey.

Has someone ever offered you a piece of wisdom that you really needed to hear at a certain moment in your life? And, afterward, you felt differently – your perspective shifted, you could see more clearly? Maybe you bumped into someone at the grocery store who shared a story, or you read a passage that struck you, or somehow you received help, but randomly.

Choosing to welcome Living Unleashedinto your life is a little like this, but it’s absolutely not random.


CHOICE. Choosing Living Unleashed™ is allowing yourself a specific journey through your grief and suffering, beginning where you’re at today and guiding you, month-by-month, through a personal-discovery experience toward feeling better.


EMBRACE. You don’t need to understand the specifics and research behind the 12-month framework that I’ve created for you that is Living Unleashed™. You do need to know and embrace that you are being carefully guided through your grief, and that each specific gift you’re given in your email inbox is intentional and meant to carry you along your way.


TOGETHER. You’re not alone in your grief or along your journey. I’m right there with you as you grow and heal, yet gently. You’ll receive hand-holds where needed and we’ll celebrate milestones together, but I never intrude. As your guide, I’ve made clear the path you’ll follow. Living Unleashedis designed so that you may journey privately, with guidance, through personal-discovery, acceptance, and healing.


NOW IS YOUR TIME. You can learn to unleash your heart of the burden of grief and suffering. You can live life the way you’d like to feel. Hope in place of despair, internal shifts and healing, you can feel better.

Qs & As About Living Unleashed™


Each month will be slightly different. Gifts will include: Written deliveries, audio offerings, meditations & go-to mantras, prompts to action and gentle requests to consider, allow, and experience.


More power to you for taking steps to feel better! I wholeheartedly support therapy; Living Unleashed ™ is different, though. It’s helpful alongside therapy or as a stand-alone journey.


If I could wave a magic wand to immediately remove your pain, I would. Moving through grief is a process. Each gift will individually help, each an element of unleashing your heart, and it’ll add up. If you desire to work through your grief in a much deeper way, I do offer (in-person) Group and 1-on-1 Grief Support. 


It’s not you in the lotus position, glowing and enlightened. It’s you, feeling better. It’s you discovering hope in place of despair, inspiration, and belief in your life again. It’s you, moving through grief with a different perspective and awareness.


I do offer a FREE 15-Minute consultation, if interested in pursuing either a Group or 1-on-1 program. Otherwise, not at this time.

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