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What We’re Taught

We're taught how to acquire things, not what to do when we lose them. Read the above statement out loud and let it sink in a moment. Have you lived on cloud 9, where nothing could possibly go wrong, and all was right with the world - until one day it wasn't? We are...

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Bury and Replace

Bury and Replace: this is what we do when we grieve. We bury our feelings to protect those of others, to avoid our own, and make attempts to replace the loss (usually) not in the best of ways. Why You Bury Your Grief While grieving, you've probably been told not to...

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How do I move past my grief?

The storm of grief may be brief, but mourning goes on for months and seasons. We mourn what was, what is, and what will never again be the same . Are you navigating a grief storm right now? When people think of grief or mourning, they often think there has to be the...

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