It is my passion to help hurting hearts

It takes a hurting heart to know one and

i know yours can feel better.

Maybe your experience with grief is similar to mine and maybe not. Grief proves to be different for every person who knows its depths. My tumultuous grief story runs long and wide, peppered with years of angst and crippling emotion.

In carving my way through to acceptance and peace I once only dreamed of, I’ve learned, and I share with you the truest of truths: Every grieving heart leashed by emotional burdens, pain, and suffering wants to feel better. Every hurting heart longs to live & love unleashed.

I believe in


Denial is strong, but truth is stronger. Facing what’s leashing your life is essential to unleashing your heart.


The Grief Recovery Method® and Living Unleashed ™ are designed to stand alone and are not therapy; however, are wonderful additions to therapy.


Through divinity & God’s grace: “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3


Allowing yourself to feel something new, embrace guided perspective, and experience meaningful shifts is liberating.

feeling better is a journey taken within yourself, for yourself


You can feel at peace.


You don’t have to suffer daily.


You’re not alone.


I’m here to help.

What I offer at The Unleashed Heart is connection & guidance. You’ll discover emotional healing, pathways to define your leash, and you’ll get to the root of your grief.

I offer opportunities to learn how to live unleashed from your burdens.

It’s a journey I know well, and one I wholeheartedly welcome you along through every resource I share, every ‘Unleashed Letter’ I write, through The Grief Recovery Method® programs, and through YouMap that I hope you’ll allow yourself.

xx, Victoria

ways we can unleash your heart together

the unleashed letters

Insight and inspiration, you’ll feel supported as you open each emailed letter and find inside learning opportunities, growth, and healing.

the guided heart

Let my personal story, helpful resources, and commitment to moving through grief into peace help you to do the same.


Whether you’re ready to dig deep into you’re grief or not, there are various offerings for you to begin to heal – even in the smallest of ways. 

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