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Victoria Volk, Self-Discovery Guide for

Hurting Hearts

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Yes, you.

Ever believed you’ll never feel good again, that you’re forced to have a heavy heart and suffer emotional turmoil—that grief has its grip on you forever?

When I lived every aching day controlled by untouched, undefined, raging grief that showed itself in emotional distance, tumultuous relationships, and me going through the motions but not feeling alive in my soul – I didn’t know that I had a choice in the matter, or that I could heal.

I’ve traveled the unchosen road that I’m here to help you along. Hope in place of despair, discovering and defining, creative healing and unleashing: The Unleashed Heart.

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dO YOU wonder?

What would your life look like, be like, if you no longer felt steadily weighed down by internal struggles and emotional grief?

What could you accomplish if, through guided self-reflection and discovery, you were finally allowed a sense of understanding, genuine peace of mind, and ongoing inspiration to love and live, unleashed of burden and anguish?

imagine your dayS filled with possibilities

LIVING UNLEASHED ™ is how you can get there.

With the gift of guided support, meant for your own private journey, you’ll fully discover yourself and finally tap into your truth that healing and happiness are possible.

We’ll work together as you face, and move through, your grief struggles while I bring you opportunities to continually delve deeper, discover further, and feel better.

There is no grief like the grief that does not speak.

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Here's how we can journey &

Unleash your heart together

the unleashed letters

Insight and inspiration, you’ll feel supported as you open each emailed letter and find inside learning opportunities, growth, and healing.

the guided heart

Let my personal story, helpful resources, and commitment to moving through grief into peace help you to do the same.

living unleashed

Allow yourself a private, personal-discovery journey. Each gift of Living Unleashed ™ will support & guide, ultimately helping you feel better.

The Unleashed Letters

Discover more about yourself, your hurting heart, and feel supported in every letter.

What We’re Taught

We're taught how to acquire things, not what to do when we lose them. Read the above statement out loud and let it sink in a moment. Have you lived on cloud 9, where nothing could possibly go wrong, and all was right with the world - until one day it wasn't? We are...

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